Inna Grodzovski, Ph.D.

Senior Client Strategist

Dr. Inna Grodzovski received her Ph.D. in cellular and molecular biochemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel focusing on overcoming multidrug resistance in cancer using targeted chimeric proteins. She went on to conduct a post-doctoral research in molecular immunology in Prof. Mandelboim’s lab at the Hebrew University as well.

Dr. Grodzovski was a postdoctoral fellow in transplant immunology in Prof. Heeger’s lab at Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY studying the role of cellular and molecular immunologic events involved in rejection and tolerance of allogeneic organ grafts in mouse models. She is an author and a co-author of several publications and was a Hebrew University scholarship recipient.

Dr. Grodzovski is a gifted strategist utilizing her deep understanding of scientific processes as well as the intricacies of non-dilutive sources of funding which she has mastered.