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    The FreeMind Group specializes in assisting life science organizations secure non-dilutive funding from US federal agencies and private foundations to fund R&D.

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The FreeMind Group

We turn non-dilutive funding into a strategic source of funding for life science organizations


Established in 1999, FreeMind is the largest consulting group of its kind, working with academics and industry alike. We assist in maximizing potential to receive funding from non-dilutive sources such as the NIH, DOD, NSF, FDA, BARDA, etc., as well as private foundations.


FreeMind’s knowledgeable and experienced team of Client Strategists and Project Managers are dedicated to guiding your non-dilutive funding efforts, from identifying the most suitable opportunities through submission and award.


FreeMind’s proven long-term strategic approach has garnered its clients over 1.5 billion dollars to date. Awards range from $150,000 to $150,000,000 per project. Our team of experts assists in making non-dilutive funding a key tool in a sound, long-term financial strategy.

The FreeMind Group in 60 Seconds

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Business and Professional

The leadership team at FreeMind is dedicated to ensuring all clients receive the highest quality service

The FreeMind Process

A proven methodical approach to successful grant writing

  • Strategic Assessment

    Provides a robust, long-term, multi-submission granting strategy for each pipeline project. FreeMind is well versed in the interests, goals, and available funding opportunities of each funding source.

  • Macro Application Strategy

    Outline the specific aims, scope of work, budgetary needs, as well as delineate any collaborators, subcontractors, and consultants required. We devise a timeline to submission and set an orderly division of responsibilities.

  • Grant Production Process

    A combined writing effort, based on comprehensive templates drafted by project managers, yields the work product. The iterative review concludes when a well-structured scientifically sound application materializes.

  • Submission and Follow up

    Upon completion, the application is submitted. Post-submission we closely monitor the review process, and assist with pre-award negotiations, awaiting a final decision by the granting agency.

Collaborative Work Environment

Access FreeMind’s proprietary custom built collaborative solution to maximize your granting potential


Using FreeMind’s custom built Microsoft SharePoint solution, safely store all your granting data in the cloud for easy access anywhere any time.


The custom designed collaborative working environment is perfect for teams big or small, enabling simple grant process management, from high-level strategic decisions to the details of working documents.


Follow your team’s progress in real time and gain invaluable insight into the status of the project. View division of responsibilities, checklists, progress bars and integrated Gantt charts.


A single source for all your granting activities, from identification of all relevant funding opportunities, through division of a long-term multi-submission approach, to successful execution and subsequent award!

Tap into a $50B+
Non-Dilutive Funding Market

Win R&D grants and contracts for the life sciences from agencies such as:

  • FreeMind did unbelievable job- and put in so many hrs today and all throughout the past few weeks. I don’t think we could have done it without such help from FreeMind and all of you!

    Nalini Motwani, Ph.D. - President, BioSavita
  • Many thanks for your excellent support. It was and continues to be our pleasure working with you, and we too look forward to embarking on a new grant project with you again soon.

    Maurits W. Geerlings - Formula Pharmaceuticals
  • Thank you all for your tireless, persistent efforts in pushing this through. We are now well positioned to let the considerable merits of our application shine through. Much appreciated.

    Jonathan Lim - IGNYTA
  • From the Immusoft, Thank you again for your efforts and guidance during the assemblage of our SBIR grant. We have improved our grantsmanship as a result of FMG’s involvement.

    Zach Hall – Immusoft
  • There is no way we would have been able to do it in such a short time without you.
    Thank you for all your help!!!

    Rudy Rodriguez - Advanced Animal Diagnostics
  • After a powerful joint effort as usual, and many careful iterations of edits, this proposal looks top-notch! Thanks to all for your participation in the success of this submission. Thank you Freemind, in particular, your hard work has greatly improved this proposal, you have been a tremendous help, right up to the end.

    Aileen Gibbons - Respira Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Thank you very much. Writing this grant proposal has been very insightful to me, and the Freemind team made it a very smooth process.

    Ed Buurman – Astrazeneca
  • I LOVE working with you guys!! ……..Your true entrepreneurial approach is just what I needed right now…….

    Tim Bertram, Tengion
  • FreeMind has added a lot of value to the proposal, driving us perfectly through the process, the exact role we were expecting

    Luis Ruiz-Avila - Janus Developements
  • We are very satisfied with the role and involvement of FreeMind on our project. All has been submitted on time with a great interaction (and hard work) between our two teams.

    Eric Massou, Poxel
  • Thanks so much for all of your help on this proposal!  I am so grateful that you were available to work with us, and I don’t think we could have done it without you.

    Meghan Norvell, nanoMR
  • You did a fantastic job for Embolx and I continue to recommend FreeMind to entrepreneurs here is Silicon Valley.

    Michael Allen - President and CEO, Embolx

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FreeMind Investments

FreeMind Investments (FMI) is a venture capital fund established in partnership between the FreeMind Group and Daewoong Pharmaceuticals, a leading Korean Pharma company. FreeMind Investments utilizes the non-dilutive funding review process to screen for de-risked and potentially high reward investment opportunities.