FreeMind is proud to host the Michael J. Fox Foundation on the upcoming summer educational webinar focusing on Parkinson’s and other Neurological disorders.

Parkinson’s is a complex disease that varies greatly among affected individuals. For The Michael J. Fox Foundation, there is one clear measure of success: delivering patients better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Today, MJFF is the largest private funder of Parkinson’s research in the world.

FreeMind Group has been successful in the past few years in securing non-dilutive funding for Parkinson’s & CNS related research for industry and academia from government agencies and private foundations alike.

In this webinar Ayal Ronen, FreeMind’s VP and Tracey Mumford, Associate Director, Research Partnerships will discuss:

  • Upcoming program deadlines
  • Awards, regulations applying, requirements and limitations
  • MJFF Priority Focus Areas
  • Parkinson’s Research & CNS Funding Opportunities from different mechanisms
  • The challenges in putting together a complex and large scale application
  • How to maximize chances for success
  • Industry & academia collaboration

MJFF_Webinar – Click to donwload PDF

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