Diassess Awarded 5-Year (up to) $21.9 M Contract by BARDA

Funding to expedite technology development, clinical trials, and FDA clearance

The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) has awarded a 5-year, (up to) $21.9 million contract to California-based diagnostics technology company Diassess Inc. Diassess, founded in 2013, is developing technology that will enable physicians and eventually patients to conduct speedy and accurate diagnostic tests for influenza. In the future, Diassess is planning on using this technology to develop more DNA-based diagnostic testing for other infectious diseases.

The technology developed by Diassess will provide an accurate diagnosis of influenza within 20 minutes. The patient uses a nasal swab which is inserted into a disposable DNA test. This test then quickly analyzes the sample and makes a diagnosis. Diassess is also developing an smartphone app that can be used by patients to find treatment options once a diagnosis was made. With the BARDA contract, Diassess will be able to speed up the development and application of their products for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorization.