Inova Oncology Virtual Partnering

A FreeMind Group Supported Event

Where: Digital

When: March 2-5, 2021

Numerous new oncology drugs have been approved in recent years and will be approved in the future, bringing new treatment options to patients. These new drugs include many targeted therapies, even for niche indications, with several therapeutic options to address the same molecular targets. However, despite robust levels of pipeline activity, oncology remains one of the most challenging areas for research and development.

In the development phase, there are critical junctures where the right environment is crucial for success. This is where partnering can increase the chances for the best science to come to fruition. Inova aims to accelerate partnering by helping to bridge between science and business with the Oncology Virtual Partnering Event. This four-day oncology-targeted virtual partnering event will enable researchers, biotech companies and business development executives from biopharmaceutical companies to network in a virtual space.