How Will the Biden Administration Affect Non-Dilutive Funding for Life Sciences?

A great many things from the Trump administration will probably change in the coming months as President Biden and his cabinet begin their term. In thefirst few hours following the inagauration alone, President Biden signed 17 executive orders aimed at reversing some of the policies enacted by the Trump administration. However, one thing that likely won’t change is the increase in federal funding for life science R&D.

Biden has a history of promoting life science R&D. As VP, he presided over the ‘Cancer Moonshot Task Force’, aimed at furthering cancer research. He has also been very open abotu his support for developing a vaccine for COVID-19 as well as potential cures. One of Biden’s stated goals in regards to COVID-19 is to “to help restore faith in America’s place in the frontier of science and discovery.” Science, he added, “is discovery … it’s about hope.”