2021 Peer-Reviewed Medical Research Program

The Department of Defense just released this year’s Peer-Reviewed Medical Research Program (PRMRP). PRMRPs, initiated in 1999, fund life science research that relates to the health of service memebers, veterans, and the American public. To date, over $2.71B has been awarded to life science organization to fund R&D. The 2021 budget stands at $370B.

The goal of the 2021 PRMRP is to improve the health, care, and well-being of all military service members, veterans, and beneficiaries, and its mission is to “encourage, identify, select, and manage medical research projects of clear scientific merit and direct relevance to military health”. The program is interested in applications in laboratory, clinical, behavioral, epidemiological, and other areas of research which will advance knowledge in disease etiology; prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life; and develop and validate clinical care or public health guidelines. The research must be relevant to active-duty Service Members, Veterans, military beneficiaries, and/or the American public.

This year’s PRMRPs focus on over 40 research areas, including emerging viral diseases, diabetes, food allergies, hypertension and arthritis. For more information, click here or vist the eBRAP site