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Biotech and Money New York 2015 – 17 November 2015

Venue: TKP New York Conference Center Location (city and country): New York, US Event Website Biotech and Money New York provides the education, strategies and solutions executives need to enable more effective funding, investment, business planning, partnering and strategic decision making within their business. It’s where life science meets money, investors meet deal flow and industry promote […]

Webinar: CNS / PNS related Non Dilutive Funding Opportunities

Within the non-dilutive funding space one can find pockets of money in the billions of dollars directed at unmet medical needs related to CNS/PNS ailments. The scope of funding support covers much of the R&D cycle from proof of concept to late stage clinical. In the webinar in the series of summer educational webinars FreeMind […]

Webinar: Medical Device Non-Dilutive Funding: Trends & Opportunities

In a world in which both medical diagnostics and therapies are shifting towards minimally invasive technologies, it is not surprising that steadily increasing non-dilutive funding is available for innovative medical device companies. The scope of funding support covers the entire R&D cycle, from early stage exploratory and discovery work all the way to late stage […]

Webinar: U Mechanisms, cooperative agreements with the NIH

The U-Mechanism is a support mechanism used when there will be substantial Federal scientific or programmatic involvement by granting agency. Substantial involvement means that, after award, scientific or program staff will assist, guide, coordinate, or participate in project activities. We are seeing many programs utilizing this type of mechanism, with substantial awards being made to […]

Webinar: Non-Dilutive funding for Non-US applicants

Non-US applicants are eligible for the majority of the non-dilutive pockets of money including NIH, Department of Defense, BARDA etc. Currently, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are actively funding over 1000 projects in the excess of $1.3B, taking place outside the US and awarded to non-US applicant organizations. And, when taking into account collaborations […]

FreeMind is Proud to Support the RESI Conference on September 16th – Boston

Life Science Nation (LSN) and Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS (JLABS) are inviting fundraising life science companies to attend the upcoming Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference in Boston on September 16th.   The first RESI Conference took place on September 16, 2013, and two years later, following highly successful events in San Francisco and Houston, LSN returns to Boston for the sixth […]

Webinar: Biodefense and Infectious Diseases Non-dilutive Funding

The National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) awards close to $6,000,000,000 annually. Taking into account activities by DTRA, DARPA, US Army, BARDA etc. this is a funding force no one in the field can afford to ignore. Listen to FreeMind experts share insights into these tremendous sources of funding and get tips on […]

Funding beyond the SBIR/STTR; RO1s and R21s for Companies

Every year NIH alone awards over $120,000,000 via R’-Mechanisms, among them the RO1 or R21. In order to maximize your funding potential all sources of funding must be considered including the less traditional sources. R21s aim to fund very early stage proof of concept type programs of up to 2 years at about $300,000, whereas […]

SBIR STTR Funding; Driving Innovation through Non Dilutive Sources

SBIR/STTR awards account for over $780,000,000 awarded per year by NIH alone to industry. These are excellent sources of funding aimed at promoting R&D activities of small businesses as well as collaborations with Academics. SBIR/STTRs differ from traditional NIH mechanisms in that they are highly product driven and ultimately are seeking commercialization of novel therapies, […]