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The summit is proud to host Dr Jodi Black of the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI; NIH) who will describe the NHLBI and NIH funding opportunities and other resources available to the community that facilitate and enhance biomedical technology development towards commercialization.
Anthony Buccanfuso of The University Industry Demonstration Partnerships (UIDP) will present and host a panel on Industry-Academia partnerships and the makings of a successful collaboration.
Throughout the day workshops and focused discussions on specific areas of interest will be lead by Guy Har-Chen, Chief Analyst, FreeMind Group. The summit will begin with a “non-dilutive funding forecast” to be presented by Ram May-Ron, Managing Partner, FreeMind Group.

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Presentation at the Harvard Innovation Lab by Ram May-Ron, Managing Partner FreeMind.


Explore ways to maximize funding for science companies from non-dilutive funding sources such as NIH, DOD SBIRs (Small Business Innovation Research) and other federal and private sources. Learn about successful strategies for building a multi-submission strategy and academia-industry collaborations in the pursuit of non-dilutive grants and contracts from SBIR $100K awards to large-scale collaborative funding $10M and more to support biomedical research development. Ram May-Ron, Managing Partner of FreeMind Group (www.freemindconsultants.com), examines the challenges and offers insightful tips to facilitate effective collaborations that lead to funding success.

The discussion includes consortia, center, and/or program mechanisms from major biomedical sponsors such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Department of Defense (DoD) and academic-industry partnerships that seek sponsored research funding via Small Business (SBIR and STTR) and other programs.

Currently, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are actively funding 1,124 projects amounting to $1.3B, taking place outside the US and awarded to non-US applicant organizations. And, when taking into account collaborations and partnerships between domestic and foreign entities, the funded R&D dollars outside the US even exceed the above.

In this presentation Ayal Ronen, FreeMind’s Vice President will provide insight into the non-dilutive funding landscape with an emphasis on the NIH, Department of Defense and other government agencies. Mr. Ronen will describe the various pockets of money available for non-US applicants, potential for funding, and means to maximize chances for award.


9:30-10:00 Registration and networking breakfast

10:00-11:00 Presentation

NIH/DOD Non-dilutive Funding Opportunities; non-US applicants  are  welcome!

Presenter:  Ayal Ronen, Vice President, FreeMind Group

11:00-11:15 Q&A

11:15-12:00 Meet the expert – 1X1 meetings with the FreeMind team

Dr Sigal Katz – Senior Analyst, FreeMind Group

Ayal Ronen, Vice President, FreeMind Group


Listen to the podcast

Though money is flowing more freely into the biotech sector these days, one consequence of the financial turmoil of recent years has been that it’s forced companies to think more broadly about their funding sources. At the same time, a greater emphasis on translational research and increased funding to the National Institutes of Health is creating greater opportunities for companies. We spoke to Ram May-Ron, vice president of the Boston-based FreeMind Group, which specializes in helping companies raise money from government agencies through grants and contracts, about the opportunities for life sciences companies to get government funding today, how such grants fit into a broader funding strategy and why he’s been disappointed in the stimulus package so far.