Ram May-Ron and Ayal Ronen of the FreeMind Group introduce the R&DMoneyView, a tool that will allow its users to gain insight into non-dilutive Federal awards made to domestic, for-profit organizations to support R&D in the Life Sciences.

R&DMoneyView is the first tool in the R&DMoney suite of tools designed to streamline the granting process in a cost-efficient manner while maximizing chances for award.


Representatives from federal agencies, a private foundation, and industry come together to provide insight into key industry-related initiatives from the various sources as well as the overall enthusiasm for awarding for-profit organizations.

Moderator: Ayal Ronen, FreeMind Group
Dr. Michael Kurilla, NIAID
Todd Merchak, NIBIB,
Dr. Mark Allegretta, National MS Society
Colonel Russell Coleman, DOD (JPM-MCS)
Dr. Natalie Wisniewski, Profusa, Inc.

Colonel Russell E. Coleman of the JPM-Medical Countermeasure Systems, presents the Keynote Address: The Dilemma in the Development of Medical Countermeasures Against Chemical and Biological Weapons: An unpredictable threat and products we hope will never be used.

Dr. Michael Kurilla of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases takes a look at the progression of Infectious Diseases, where vaccine and treatment trends may be heading, and NIAID’s role in addressing unmet needs.

Todd Merchak of the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering discusses SBIR, STTR, and other grants available to support innovative R&D in medtech.

Dr. Mark Allegretta of the National MS Society shares on the Fast Forward program and their investment methods.