NCI and CDMRP are awarding over $7 BILLION in funding for cancer R&D. To learn more, listen to our free webinar about these opportunities.

Find out about more than $7 Billion In Funding Opportunities for Cancer Research – and our webinar all about them

President Biden called on Congress to fund the creation of a new agency, a DARPA for Health. Some breakthrough ideas don’t receive sufficient attention because they are too high-risk, high-cost, or long-term, because they don’t fit well into academia or the commercial sector, or because they require complex collaborations. The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) aims to support promising opportunities which concern health but which fall in that gap. ARPA-H will not have intramural labs. It will facilitate research directed at solving practical problems. To date, the kinds of non-dilutive funding opportunities which will be available through ARPA-H (grants, contracts, etc.) have not been defined, but we can make intelligent guesses.

Spending bill ends funding for Biden’s COVID-19 programs, including some R&D, but does provide more funding for biomedical research: $45 billion for NIH, including $1 billion for Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H), and $8.5 billion for the CDC.

Biden wishes to spend billions more on COVID-19 efforts at home and abroad. US federal funding agencies haven’t discussed specific funding opportunities based on the administration’s proposals, but it is likely there will be more funding available to biotech R&D on anti-virals, vaccines, diagnostics, etc.

Dr. William Bozza discusses non-dilutive funding opportunities at NCI and NIH.

Dr. Charles L. Cywin discusses non-dilutive funding opportunities at NINDS and NIH.

Dr. Daniel Gossett discusses non-dilutive funding opportunities at NIDDK and NIH.

Dr. Natalia Kruchinin discusses non-dilutive funding opportunities at NIAID and NIH.

The National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has just published a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA). This BAA contains four distinct Research Areas: Vaccines, Therapeutics, and In-Vitro Diagnostics for Biodefense, Antimicrobial Resistant Infections and Emerging Infectious Diseases, and Antivirals for Specific RNA Viral Families of Pandemic Potential.

FreeMind can help you apply for these funds or for other non-dilutive grants and contracts. FreeMind will host a webinar about the BAA on February 7, at 1:00 PM EST.