Yuli Volovik, Ph.D.

Senior Client Strategist

Dr. Yuli Volovik received her Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her research focused on the aging process and neurodegenerative diseases, specifically mechanisms that link the aging process to late onset disorders associated with toxic protein aggregation at the molecular and cellular levels. A key finding was the discovery of the differential regulation of the Heat Shock Factor 1 and DAF-16 by a neuronal network in the insulin/IGF-1 signaling (IIS) pathway which influences the ability of the organism to cope various kinds of stress including proteotoxicity.

Dr. Volovik has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors including the prize for excellence in M.Sc. research from the Faculty of Medicine in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the Aging Cell runner-up best paper. She also graduated her Masters in Science as magna cum laude from the Faculty of Medicine in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In addition, Dr. Volovik has authored and co-authored numerous publications.

Dr. Volovik’s professional knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology gives her a profound understanding of the scientific processes to identify the best suitable non-dilutive sources of funding for each client. She applies her scientific knowledge to granting strategies and matching FreeMind’s clients with the most appropriate non-dilutive funding sources.